Iowa Mobile Home Insurance Coverage

Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile Home Insurance

At Emporium Insurance Agency, we want all of our Iowa clients to be able to access an insurance policy for their property, including mobile homes. Their affordable price has made them the preferred homes for many of our clients in the state. This is why we have invested in a mobile home insurance policy so that all of our clients have some form of residential insurance access.

Mobile Home Insurance vs. Home Insurance

In most cases, these two types of insurances are very similar. They are designed to protect the contents within the home, and the structure of the home should it suffer damage. Depending on the type of home you have, however, depends on which insurance policy you get. Because mobile homes have a different design than traditional homes, they need a designed policy to fit them.

Personal Property Coverage

Should your mobile home fall victim to theft or a naturally tragic event, you can expect some of your personal belongings to be destroyed in the process. With mobile home insurance, you have a policy that will reimburse you for the missing or damaged items once you make a claim.

Structural Protection

Because mobile homes do not have a sturdy foundation like a traditionally built home, this policy is designed around that idea. The policy is ready to cover damages that your home may suffer during wind, rain, hail, or tornado where the home can suffer immense damage. With most mobile homes only having minimal protection from the foundation cover, the need for quality financial protection is essential.

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If you are a mobile homeowner in Iowa, it is time to purchase mobile home insurance today. Get the protection you need for those you love, knowing that the damage you experience can be corrected. Contact our team at Emporium Insurance Agency today.

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